Monday, June 8, 2009


Pop-up stores are blooming in East Hampton faster than white hydrangeas in perfectly manicured lawns. Apparently quaint, closet-sized storefronts are equivalent to summer shares for high end retailers like Hermes, La Perla and Pucci. And the merchandise they've packed onto their limited racks is a careful selection of their most exclusive and summer-friendly inventory. They're so small you could miss them if you walk too fast down main street, so its definitely worth slowing your stroll. Not to mention the town of East Hampton is celeb-studded all summer long, so you could literally rub elbows with SJP while perusing your fave designers. We reccommend browsing the 40% off swimwear at La Perla, or taking a dip in Hermes for a one-of-a-kind scarf.

Happy Summer!

Other new hamptons shops:
Trina Turk
Tracy Feith at the Surf Lodge

Oldies but Goodies:
Bonne Nuit
Tommy Hilfiger
Ralph Lauren
Mayfair Jewelers

Monday, June 1, 2009

You Better Work

On Sonia Sotomayor...

Because the worlds of fashion and politics lately converge more often than Britney Spears and a Frappuccino, news about Sonia Sotomayor's nomination for supreme court justice of course did not go without scrutiny from the fashion blogger frontlines. Along with discussions about her stance on the abortion issue came fashion-obsessed nitpickers cutting into her ill-hitting hemline, and we wont even get started on her hair. THIS ARTICLE in the Silicon Valley Mercury News even asks who should play Sotomayor in a feature film rather than speculate on the ease of her confirmation into office.

Granted it's an op-ed, but it raises questions on whether or not the focus on the stylings of women political figures has overshadowed the front page. During the campaign and inaugural seasons, Michelle Obama's wardrobe was not just a publicity vehicle, it was a runaway train. Her J Crew Sweaters affirmed a recession conscious platform the way her Alaia dress shed light on the need to emphasize diplomacy and foreign policy. Deliberate statements they were, but does this mean as a result of their effectiveness that every woman in politics must follow suit? Furthermore, if they do not make greater efforts to dress like the top tastemakers, should this open criticism about their political or gubernatorial competency?

We think not. Of course, being able to incorporate fashion into politics can catapult any public figure into a new stratosphere of celebrity, but they are not so dependent that clashing colors or a poorly fitting suit spells a lack of knowledge about world issues. Whether or not Sotomayor will be right for the job is a truth that should manifest in her actions, not her outfit choice. So will she be the right choice for America? we guess if the shoe fits...


a new article has surfaced to stir the eco-friendly fashion debate:

it says...

"A 2007 WWF report "Deeper Luxury" gave LVMH a C grade, while Tod's scored an F (after failing to answer basic questions) for sustainability. Then in March 2007, LVMH was expelled from the FTSE4Good Index Series, which tracks businesses conforming to its environmental and social criteria..." reports UK's The Guardian. According to the same article there is little chance LVMH's status on the eco-friendly scale will improve.

If they have not made steps toward improving their product to meet socially conscious standards, should this affect our decision to purchase LVMH products over cause-minded brands like Stella McCartney?

tsk tsk Marc Jacobs...