Monday, September 29, 2014

Polo Ralph Lauren's Holographic Fashion Show

On September 12th, Ralph Lauren presented his Polo collection in a revolutionary way: in the form of a hologram over the pond in New York's Central Park. Fusing fashion, art and technology Ralph Lauren created a completely 4D experience--word has it that the scent of the new Big Pony perfumes were wafted around the space as the futuristic show took place. The night air was still as fashion lovers watched the first-ever live, waterfront holographic fashion show in awe.

With fashion shows bridging into new mediums, like performance (Opening Ceremony and Gareth Pugh) and holograms, it almost begs the fashion crowd to question whether the integrity of the clothing can remain when presented in such an arena. Does a dress move the same way when it's shown on a holographic model as when it's worn down a runway by a model? And can editors, buyers and fashion aficionados really see all the details of an outfit when it's worn by an actor in a performance? Even so, these new forms of fashion shows are sure to draw new crowds.

-Kristen Bateman