Monday, November 10, 2014

WonderLuk's 3D Printing Fashion Marketplace

Since July 2013, U.K. based company WonderLuk has been the only 3D printing community marketplace in existence for the fashion crowd.

The site offers designs, from capelets to cell phone cases, earrings, bracelets and rings, which can be bought and are printed based on demand. Each order takes roughly two weeks to be completed (of course, you'll have to be based in the U.K. or Europe to use the service) and prices vary but are moderate considering the technology and labor that goes into each piece. For example, earrings range from about $30-$70, give or take, depending on the exchange rate.

CEO Robert Lucca told TechCrunch in July, “The reason we started with jewelry is it’s a little less challenging… from an ecommerce perspective. From a fitting perspective as well — jewelry, accessories — then we’ll go into shoes, and then we go into homeware, and then we go into clothing."

The future is looking bright for 3D printing and fashion.

-Kristen Bateman

Monday, November 3, 2014

Five SS15 Beauty Trends to DIY

Fall may be here, but that's no reason to stop us from imitating the boldest and brightest beauty trends from the Spring/Summer 2015 collections. From notted, mini fauxhawks to glittery eyes and sleek center-parts, here's are some of the best trends to DIY.

1) The Bedhead: Seen at Tom Ford, this look is perfect for those days when your hair is already dry from fall's indoor heaters. Try towel drying your hair and spritzing in some sea salt spray. Pair with a dramatic smokey eye, bold brow, and nude lip.

2) Punk Rocker: For the adventurous, take a cue from the girls at Marc by Marc Jacobs with this notted fauxhawk. Separate hair into four equal sections at the center of your head and secure each with a band. Twist each section around the base to create a twisty, messy bun. Finish with an intense hairspray.

3) Flower Girl: Keep is classic like Dolce and Gabbana. A sleek cat-eye and berry lip--which looks luscious during the colder months--pairs perfectly with a gorgeous flower headpiece.

4) Glitterati: Ashish made a statement by sending girls down the runway with tinsel woven throughout their hair, and dramatic glitter worn to the eyebrow. Recreate this look for a holiday party in a more wearable form by choosing a pigmented silver shadow--which can also be woven throughout strands of your hair.

5) Geek Chic: At Chanel, a model wore huge, bedazzled glasses with minimal makeup. If your vision is less than perfect--you're lucky. If not, pick up a pair of cheap, fake glasses at Forever 21. Try pairing a nude lipgloss with a deep bronzer, and keep the rest of your look simple and chic.